Artist: Fizical Danger

Fizical Danger (also known as DJ/Producer Basslinefiz) started his musical career listening to his parents playing their favourite reggae records in the living room, while he was spending his pocket money to buy records after school from shops like, Record Village, Rhythm Division, & Blackmarket Records (Bm Soho), writing 16 bar radio lyrics in his bedroom, and practising them in the playground/radio sets.

As his record collection was increasing by the week with multiple genres of music from Jungle/House n Garage/Hip Hop, he convinced his parents to buy him a set of decks to practise mixing. Once during his school summer holidays he went on a dj skills course in Islington (North London) to further his mixing skills and, also a music production course to give him a taste of producing music. The progression took place when he started taking his productions to dj sets to test his mixdowns, and was focused more as a artist after he brought his own recording equipment to set up the DappaDan Studio.

He went on to record his debut 28 track mixtape "Nothing to Something", it was a mixture of grime/hip hop, which helped build the fanbase while networking on social media. After getting a good response from "\Nothing to Something\" He started on his next project Living Dreams (Unreleased), and filmed his first video "\So Deep\" which he Produced and wrote, then following the interest and performances….He shot a video for Award Show's, the video got aired on Channel A.K.A., he performed it Live on Choicefm (Capital Xtra), on the Gamo Speng show, After the great responses he had his first Vinyl/CD release, things were picking up and Fiz was producing bit more then vocalising. Since then (Alter ego) producer “Basslinefiz” was born, aswell as learning how to play the piano, he's played on numerous London pirate stations (Ontopfm, Touchfm & Laylowfm + More), Doing sets with Devilman, Hood Soldiers, Radio interviews, Events, and has had multiple releases such as Award Show EP and I Love the Weekend Vol.1.

After taking a break Let's Get Fizical Vol.1 and 2 came out as free downloads, “\I love the weekend\" is due for it's official release along with the merchandise, so keep your eyes and ears peeled for that.


Bookings: +44(0)7960 194180