Dappadan Entertainment was formed in by Fizical Danger alongside his 2 co-producers Carbon & Score. Fizical who was known a little bit more for his mic skills at the time, slowly built the Dappadan studio in East London to begin writing/producing original songs with Carbon and Score, Also collaborating with Dutchie, K9, Zoie Smith, Len Agen, Sparkos, Beezy, C.m.f., Cobra Cakes, Jade Naomi and more. The first Dappadan release was Fizical's "Nothing to Something" mixtape, and after that followed the video release of So Deep, then Awards Show 's which was also sold on cd & vinyl.....Then came "I Love the weekend vol.1", followed by "Let 's Get Fzical Vol.1 & 2"...not to mention the release of "I Love the weekend" T-shirts. Fizical has performed all around London and surrounding county's, such as "Teen Nation" which featured Teezy and Clement Marfo. He's also been on the pirate radio scene and Performed Live on Gammo Speng's Choicefm Radio show. There 's much more to come from this label such as Fizical's long awaited "Living Dreams" album, and some great Basslinefiz productions.